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V-Storage energy storage system

Scholt Energy and VDL Groep have founded the company V-Storage, so as to be able to jointly realise their ambitions in the field of energy storage. V-Storage concentrates on innovations in the field of energy storage. On 24 April 2017, V-Storage’s first battery system was taken into service on the grounds of VDL ETG in Eindhoven. This system is the first in the Netherlands that supplies so-called balancing energy to grid operator TenneT.

How does it work?
The energy storage system is constructed from a whole series of batteries, so that a single large battery system for energy storage comes into being. Scholt Energy Services manages the energy trading and monitoring of the system. Due to the strong growth in renewable energy, the power supply in the Netherlands is going to fluctuate more. Energy storage systems offer the possibility of storing this energy, in order subsequently to use it at a later time.

Demand Response
The strategic charging (Demand Response) of the batteries is becoming more and more important. Thanks to Demand Response, it was possible to save costs on V-Storage’s first battery, and extra income is being generated by means of energy trading.
Moreover, the V-Storage battery can be deployed as balance capacity, in order to keep the electricity network in balance during sharp variations in the demand and supply of electricity.

VDL Groep and Scholt Energy anticipate that at a later stage several V-Storage batteries will be emplaced. Scholt Energy is closely following the developments concerning Storage and is succeeding in convincing more and more customers as regards this sustainable solution.